• Cover art: Milan Špak – Meditation
  • Cover design: Patrik Duditš
  • Performed and produced by Marek Klein



This album contains the sung Lessons from the biblical Book of Lamentations from the Tenebrae service of the Paschal Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday).

The first part of the Album uses the book "Cantus Lamentationum pro ultimo Triduo Hebdomadae Majoris juxta hispanos codices" as published in 1934 (Desclée) by R. P. Germano Prado, O.S.B. Second part are the Lamentations from the Bratislava Antiphonary IV.

Each of the Lamentations ends with the refrain: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum, which means: Jerusalem, Jerusalem return (be converted) unto the Lord, thy God. That is where the name of the album comes from.